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about three pines apartments

Three pines apartments are located in Okuklje, beautiful little bay on the  the island Mljet.

enjoy yourself by listening to seagulls in the morning and crickets during daytime while relaxing in the shadow of three pines.

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relax your mind

Mljet, the most beautiful and most forested island in the Adriatic and one of the most beautiful pearls of the Mediterranean.  Untouched nature, the island's mysticism, olive groves, vineyards and rich forests are ideal places to research the rich flora and fauna, and to peacefully enjoy the pristine beauty of the natural surroundings.


explore Mljet

Mljet – the green island. The Ogygia of Homer's Odyssey.

According to legend, the nymph Calypso, lover of the Greek hero Odysseus, chose this island as her home. The beauty of the island was the only beauty surpassing hers, making Odysseus, that eternal traveler, stay there for years. Are there any facts in the legend? Some historians are convinced that, by describing Ogygia, Homer actually wrote about the island of Mljet. Others doubt that. The romantics would say that only the sea knows the answer. Well, whatever the answer may be, a cave bearing the name of Odysseus, that Greek adventurer, still stands there carved in stone.

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enjoy in nature

 The Mljet National Park is the oldest marine protected area in the Mediterranean and it has delighted its numerous visitors for 61 years with the colours and the scent of untouched nature.

Mljet National Park is a large area that borders two saltwater lakes – Veliko and Malo Jezero (Large and Small Lake). The Lakes stretch for about 4 kilometers. Right in the middle of the Large Lake, there is a small island/islet Melita (Sveta Marija) with a large building of the former Benedictine monastery, erected there in the 12th century (see photo above). The monastery’s building is now a café/restaurant. The small island is connected by boats that sail there from both sides of the Lake.

You can find sandy beaches on the SE part of the island (Saplunara bay) on which you can always find a place for yourself. 

About us

In the THREE PINES APARTMENTS, you can enjoy the shade or sunbathe on your own large terrace and swim in the sea in front of the house. More than half a century of pine trees in front of the house provide necessary shade on hot days.

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